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Spotlight on local Launceston artist: Niecy Brown

June 21 2012

​This year at Junction Arts Festival it will be really exciting to see again the involvement of local artists amongst interstate/international artists, after all, it is these local contributors who keep the active arts culture in Launceston (and Tasmania) ticking over. Recently I had the pleasure of stealing some thoughts from a local contributor, Niecy Brown, who has been active in the Tasmanian arts community since her arrival over 35 years ago! Niecy has been active in so many ways, but some of her most notable contributions have been Arts 2 Ashes, Yarns Artworks in Silk, and Windows on Deloraine Event (annual event in conjunction with Deloraine Craft Fair).

Patrick and Niecy at From a Heart to a Jewel
Patrick and Niecy at From the Heart to Jewel

In addition to these massive collaborations, Niecy was part of the original crew who dreamed up and created the Jackys March Forest Festival, which is a continuing annual event, and is one indicator of Niecy’s strong commitment to the protection of our forests and bringing this to the fore in her work. Niecy is also part of arts boards and committees such as Arts Deloraine and Tas Regional Arts. When asked about the significance of the arts community in Tasmania, Niecy’s said: “I have really only worked as a community artist in Tasmania. I have the feeling that this is the best place to be in that its small enough to be able to connect with whoever it is that you need to in order to make things happen!” Niecy describes her work as a joy, she said: “I get to still dream up ideas for connecting to land and place with a growing community of creative and wonderful people”.

Niecy has previously been involved with Junction Arts Festival when she curated From the Heart to Jewel, a collaboration between artists in Tasmania and Alice Springs, another place close to her heart. What does Niecy think Junction means to Launceston? She said: “We get to play, create, connect, show off our stuff and involve lots of good people… I also like the cross generational aspect that goes on. I love it!” Niecy believes that arts and events such as Junction have a benefit twofold for our community. She said: “It’s great that we now have ‘proof’ of what we have always known – that arts and culture benefits communities socially and financially, as creative communities are more resilient and healthy”. I think it is fair to say, with or without proof, with people such as Niecy Brown being so active and passionate about arts and bringing these projects to our community, we are all winners! Look out for the giant scarf Niecy will be bringing to Junction Arts Festival 2012, to roll into a huge Ball!

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