Laura’s Reviews: The Royal Concrete and Bones Sessions

August 27 2012

​The Royal Concrete and Bones Session – Launceston Skate Park

Saturday August 2012

So this was my first actual day going to Junction Arts Festival. After last night’s Tas Dance performances, my expectations were slightly high.

Not being a usual skate park- goer, I was still very eager to go and check out The Royal Concrete and Bones Session. So after spending my morning looking around Civic Square, I headed over to the Skate Park.

What do you think of when someone says ‘skate park’? Are you like me and think; laid back guys, kids, scooters, cool chicks, bikes, skaters, 360’s, Street Style, loud music, injuries, chaos?

Because that’s exactly what you got! And the crowd, including me loved every minute.

Looking like a usual jam, with the exception of one guy asking riders to start at the top, there seemed to be no rules. – Just the way we like it!

There were talent young people flying around and over each other, just missing the nine year olds trying to keep up on their scooters. There was high flips, ‘backies’ and a scrapped knee - just for good measure.

Much like Tasdance’s performance, it seemed to be an interaction with other riders and audience, which seems to a contemporary trend. And it is a great way to connect the audience and the performers.

The best thing about this performance was that it wasn’t just for the ‘in crowd’ of people who enjoy the skate park on a regular basis. I looked around me to see all types of people, from mothers with their newborns, to the older generation, sitting down on an old fallen down tree.

Junction Arts Festival has the ability to pull you in, show you something knew and leave you looking at your city differently.

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