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Laura’s Reviews: Somewhere Else

August 25 2012

​Tas Dance – Somewhere Else

Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery – Royal Park

Friday, 24 August 2012

This is my first time to Junction Arts Festival and very first performance I am blogging. Wow. Let me just firstly say if you were sort of thinking about going to see Tas Dance or Junction full stop. Then go. If you are into the Arts then I won’t need to push you through the doors, realistically I probably walked past you tonight.

I am one of those lucky people that got to see the progress of this performance for two weeks while the dancers were rehearsing. As I work at QVMAG, where Somewhere Else took place. The dedication and talent that goes into a short performance like this, is incredible, but those who appreciate creativity already know this, so I won’t bore you.

I stood in the crowd remembering what I saw these last few weeks, thinking I had a rough idea of what I was to expect, but somehow felt like I was part of the show and had no idea of my role.

We all gather into the Contemporary Gallery and wait for something to happen. Now I am not going to go into detail with this one. As I am recommending you go see the next show on Saturday. But what I tell you is this.

You know when you are young and you go to a show and all the adults are standing in front of you and you have to squeeze under their legs to see the performers. You somehow sneak to the front with your innocence and persistent but still find the stage between you and them. This did not happen tonight. The dancers weaved in and around you and the art work, making you feel more than a prop and much more than a stand-err-by but made you feel as if you had a role in this performance.

The dancers were responding to the art, the space and you, which surrounded them.

You are then invited to watch the conclusion from a different perspective. This was probably my favourite moment.

If this is what Junction throws at you in forty old minutes then what is stored for the weekend? Chuck all that you have at me. Enlighten me. Make me question, make me share and make me want more.

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