19 - 22 September 2024 - Prince's Square Launceston, Lutruwita / Tasmania

THE COUNTDOWN STARTS, en route to Junction Arts Festival

August 08 2013

More than 13,000 visitors will enjoy participating in Junction; sailing in the Esk River, singing along to the sounds and iterations performed by the Dogs and Boats and Airplanes Children’s Choir in Launceston’s prime venue, the Princess Theatre, dancing in the Junc Room or enjoying installations while walking in the streets.

En route, Junction Arts Festival’s 2012 gem from Melbourne’s one step at a time like this, is returning to the Festival to amaze the public with their incredible live art performance, transforming the way you see and feel Launceston. Guided by mobile phone text directions and instructions made up of snippets of narrative, music and dialogue using audio from an iPod, participants start a journey of rediscovery of urban streetscapes, by walking, noticing passers-by and cafés. En route is a seductive solo journey through the city and, often, your heart, mind and perceptions.

En route runs from Monday 2 September until the Saturday 7 September at 9:30 am, 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm.

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