Thank You Volunteers!

September 11 2012

Acting as our ambassadors, informing Launceston about the Festival, acting as Front of House for our shows, blogging and photographing, driving artists, working on producing sound and lighting and much much more, Junction Arts Festival volunteers assisted in every area of the Festival. Without our amazing team of volunteers the Festival would not be possible.

From the very bottom of our hearts we say thank you and we hope to see you all again next year!

We would like to acknowledge all the amazing Junction Arts Festival volunteers; you guys rock!

Dwayne O’Connor, Wayne Schruder, Ellen Sergeant, Jack Schuer, Sean Brown, Sam Leaman, Ryan Williams, Drew Porter, Lauren Henderson, Peri O’Donnell, Eloise Harris, Hanya Lansberg, Logan Dunstan, Olivia Russell, Lauren Schwabe, Peter Aslin, Jess Partridge, Dwayne Baker, Joshua Martin, Kate Spenser, Patrick Farrell, Ned Breward, Logan Dunstan, India Curtain, Carmel Loft, Jasmine Hanson, Trent Shand, Rory Bush- Belton, Millie Wyllie, Torey Rigby, Dylan Barker, Michelle Planko, Rachel Hesline, Lena Reilly, Bethany Beall, Georgina Robinson, Georgia Purdon, Luis Hird, Nick Bexley, Margaret Barlow, Jenny Eddington, Leonie Crowden, Liz Breen, Cheryl Simmonds, Daisy Baker, Brenda Ann Lord, Connie Lippis, Shannon Towell, Ben Gee, Camilla Waterhouse, Jess Partridge, Sam Leaman, Hannah O’Neill, Dorothy Leonard, Genevieve House, Louise Manka, Erin Mollison, Sara Wright, Sara Naylor, Rose Tasker, James McGowan, Ella Dixon, Lincoln Wong, David Henty, Niecy Brown, John Alford, Dee Alford, Jackie Willis, Anna Wilkins, Sarah Eccles, Lyn Smith, Bella Perkett, Sasha Whitehead, Bec Howard, Tina Harvey, Fakie Wilde, Emily-Rose Wills, Cheryl Sampson, Megan Casey, Laura Willes, Jesslyn Hong Kah Yan, Caleb Jones, Cheyne Mitchell, Ron Layne, Shao Hui Kwok, Nick Millington, Corey Whitmore, Steve Barnes, Michael Hicks, Gary Daly, Whitley Bejah, Wendy Newton, Paul Jenkins, Ange Driver, Lauren Bartlett, Steve Henty, Fernando Do Campo, Marie Sierra, Charles Bracewell, Matt Cameron, Elliot Courtnage.

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