Tickets are non refundable except in circumstances such as the cancellation of an event.

Tickets will be scanned at Front of House before entry. Please bring your ticket on a mobile device, or a hard copy of your ticket to the event.

As part of the Junction Hometown COVID Safety Plan, Junction is required to collect the name and contact details for every person attending a performance at our event and as such every person attending must have their own ticket to enter. Valid details of all persons in a party need to be collected, including children. This additional data will be stored securely and will only be shared with Health Authorities if COVID-19 contact tracing is required. 

Junction retains the right to refuse entry to anyone who has not provided or chooses to provide false contact details, so these fields are required. We thank you for your understanding and support of ongoing COVID-19 health and safety measures designed to protect the health and safety of all our families, our friends and our communities.

Get in touch with us at info@junctionarts.com.au if you have any booking queries.