Dear Tree

How to participate in Dear Tree

  1. Choose a tree.
  2. Lie under the tree, looking up through the branches (or sitting with a view of the tree is also fine).
  3. Press record on your phone or recording device.
  4. Starting with the words 'Dear Tree', talk to the tree! Say anything about what you are saying, feeling, hearing, experiencing in this moment with the tree. Try to speak clearly. Recordings should be a maximum of 30 seconds.
  5. Listen back to the recording to check that all your words can be heard easily. If the words are not clear or there is too much background noise, try the recording again.
  6. When you are happy with the recording email it to: [email protected] or send through Messenger: Rose Turtle Ertler.

Rose will edit all the recordings into one soundscape that will be shared at Junction as part of Nightlight. Listeners will be invited to listen to the soundscape in headphones while lying under a tree.

Thanks for participating!