Artlands 2021

Launceston, lutriwita (Tasmania)

As Australia’s largest regional arts gathering for over two decades, Artlands is a strategic exchange that responds to emerging trends, discovers new ideas, considers adapted approaches and showcases artists as well as highlighting the creative and cultural sector across regional, rural and remote Australia.

The Artlands 2021 program will offer a series of critical narratives across industry, research and academia that reflect current emerging trends and case studies as well as respond to challenges and opportunities experienced throughout regional Australian arts practice.  

Delivered from Junction Arts Festival in lutruwita (Tasmania), the Artlands 2021 program will also integrate other complementary hybrid gatherings with national venue partners across Australia.

Artlands 2021 invites us ‘to come together’ to explore the space between. To encourage process and exchange and find ways to support a creative ecosystem that is interconnected and integrated across art form, across communities and across landscapes. To:

Share  – listening and responding to new ideas and critical thinking

Consider - the value of shared knowledge

Connect  - through exchange & learning

The Artlands 2021 program will include:

  • Keynote presentations
  • Panel discussions
  • Workshops and masterclasses
  • Deep dialogues
  • Short and sweet presentations
  • Round table chats 
  • Special events