This event was featured in our 2021 program.



Tasmanian-based artist Medhanit was born in the African country of Ethiopia and adopted at the age of 6 months; Medhanit grew up around music.

At the age of 20, Medhanit’s writing now explores provocative themes such as cultural and racial matters, drawing inspiration from her own and others’ social experiences. But, most of all, Medhanit is fascinated with the human condition. Feelings of both broken and divine love, crippling jealousy, conflict and peace; how we emotionally evolve.

Growing up performing and writing acoustically, Medhanit decided to move into the world of production so her songs could exist in a bigger sonic space. With two of her musical influences being Angie McMahon and Lorde, it’s no wonder Medhanit’s songs have been described as ‘an assertive blend of youthful production and introspective lyrics’.