This event was featured in our 2019 program.


Radio Queens, Sisters Akousmatica

Explore the magic of electromagnetic forces with Dr Julia Drouhin and Phillipa Stafford. 

Play with radios and make noise - build yourself a network for radical communication.  Work with the Radio Queens to record a radio broadcast and build a simple FM radio kit and take it home with you!

All levels of technical knowledge encouraged, even none. Materials provided.

Transmit Yourself workshops are a creative development program as part of Sisters Akousmatica's 2020 Junction work, Brum Brum, carrying on from their 2019 projects Cutting Laps (Castlemaine State Festival) and MCR (Moonah Arts Centre), Brum Brum is a live transmission project situated in a shit-box car.  Across the 2020 Junction Festival Sisters Akousmatica will be taking on the grand tradition of the Launceston blockie - broadcasting new radio works from artists and community members daily from their car.