This event was featured in our 2019 program.

Nitty Gritty 2 - True Stories Told by Real Humans

Rachel Berger

In 2018 over two nights we heard powerful, funny and courageous stories told by members of our community, ordinary people with extraordinary experiences. We were so inspired by their resilience, grit and sense of humour we’ve decided to do it again with two new themes, embarrassment and triumph. Creator of this special project and your host is comedian Rachel Berger. Rachel is passionate about creating work that leads to a better understanding between different groups and individuals within our community. Storytelling helps the listener make sense of the world, understand the viewpoints of the other and see ways to take action.  In Nitty Gritty 2.0 Rachel once again brings untold stories and unfamiliar voices into the public arena giving them social currency, reaffirming our humanity, and bringing us all closer. This diverse group of storytellers are all uniquely Tasmanian whether they were born here or arrived from elsewhere and have made Tasmania their home. Each night 5 storytellers will share their stories and bridge the divide, creating a shared sense of the world.   

Nitty Gritty is a powerful community event based on authenticity, commitment and trust between the storytellers and the audience.

Triumph (Friday)

Imagine a mouthful of red-lemonade followed by a lime-sherbet chaser. The joy of success, that, ‘mission accomplished’ feeling when you’ve had a win. You’re pumped, blood vessels dilated but this time it feels like you want to pull the stuffing out of the couch or dance on the tabletop.

Embarrassment (Saturday)

Self-consciousness, shame and awkwardness, on the inside it's like an explosion: adrenaline starts pumping and blood vessels begin dilating. It's exactly the same fight-or-flight reaction your body has when you’re in danger. While being embarrassed might make you feel like your world is ending, it really isn't.