This event was featured in our 2019 program.

Dan Sheehan | MOFO sessions

City Baptist Church hosts Australian composer Dan Sheehan for a durational organ performance as part of MOFO Sessions at Junction. 

To celebrate its 25 Anniversary the Australian Art Orchestra has commissioned the Solo Series, a monthly online video release that puts the spotlight on twelve selected members from the pool of AAO collaborators. The Solo Series now goes live a series of solo performances performed live and also as a series of videos. As part of MOFO Sessions, with the series features durational performances by Dan Sheehan (organ) and Martin Ng (turntables and electronics).

Dan Sheehan bio: Australian pianist, improviser and composer, Dan Sheehan traverses style and form in pursuit of innovative, personal modes of creative expression. Working with piano, rhodes, organs, and incorporating electro-acoustic and extended techniques, at the heart of his practice thrives a curiosity for the unexpected. With a background in jazz performance, and a deep interest in the post-jazz integration of contemporary classical languages, he aims to provoke a synthesis between improvisation and composition, regarding both elements as equally powerful in live performance.‘His compositions seem the product of a free mind and a restless urge... his playing, whether acoustic or rhodes, is as big as the room…