This event was featured in our 2018 program.

Nitty Gritty: True stories told by Humans

Rachel Berger

Nitty Gritty: True Stories told by Humans

Two unique storytelling events by local storytellers over two nights, each with its own curious theme, one ‘change’ the other ‘secrets’.

Creator of this special project and your host is comedian Rachel Berger. Rachel is passionate about creating work that leads to a better understanding between different groups and individuals within our community. In Nitty Gritty she brings untold stories and unfamiliar voices into the public arena giving them social currency, reaffirming our humanity, and bringing us all closer.

This diverse group of storytellers are all uniquely Tasmanian whether they were born here or arrived from elsewhere and have made Tasmania their home. Each night 6 storytellers will share their true stories in the first person and bridge the divide, creating a shared sense of the world. Their stories will connect us and diminish the sense of ‘us and them’ while also giving a voice to those that have not been heard.

Nitty Gritty is a powerful community event based on authenticity, commitment and trust between the storytellers and the audience.

Change is a transition, transformation or modification. It’s a shift from one mood to another, one place to another, one gender to another; a renaissance of thought after a failed relationship or a life threatening illness. Your body changes after surgery and the inevitable change from youth to old age.

A secret is something confidential and private intentionally kept hidden by you or others to elude observation or detection either for good or bad or to protect yourself or others. A secret liaison, a secret crush on the bus driver or the secret passageway that only you know about.

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