This event was featured in our 2018 program.

Journey of the free words


Journey of the free words, is the first of a three part theatrical music odyssey. Its words propel the hand delivery of a letter, written by a palawa person and addressed to their oppressor across the sea. Performed by some of lutrawita’s best first nations artists, Journey of the free words and it’s creative process, makes for a history and musical discovery for both audience and performer.

Nathan Maynard

Nathan is a Trawlwoolway man, from larapuna country, North East Tasmania. Since the 1830’s, Nathan’s family have been known as the Maynard’s and in that time have developed a strong connection with the Furneaux Islands, where they were sent in exile from their homelands of mainland Tasmania. Before Nathan discovered his love for writing, he worked in land management for 16 years. These days, Nathan balances his life between his family, community, culture and writing. Nathan currently resides on the east coast of Tasmania.

Denni Proctor

Denni Proctor performs as DENNI - a partnership with Jamin Pariyar. The pair have been developing a dynamic live sound and have a real knack for capturing that special moment. Poetically crafting songs that draw from both acoustic and electronic elements. Weaving captivating stories of self transformation, and their hunger for change, fusing reggae, hip hop, blues and folk with that cool island vibe. Denni studied at The Centre for Aboriginal Studies in music in Adelaide. She has said that her heritage has played a big role in her development as a songwriter - allowing her to contribute to the ‘universal language of many stories’ as part of her Palawa (Indigenous Tasmanian) community.

Katarnya Maynard
Kartanya Maynard is a proud member of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community and has been a musician since she was 10 years old. She has been actively involved in community by attending marches and ralleys, performing at public and sacred community events and is the youngest person to ever be voted onto the Tasmanian Aboriginal State Committee. She won the Tasmanian Aboriginal Artist of the Year in 2011 and the Tasmanian Aboriginal Youth of the Year in 2013. She is also one of the very few musicians that sings in the Tasmanian Aboriginal language palawa kani. She graduated with a Bachelor of Music from the Conservatorium of Music in 2017 and has performed at such events as the Putalina Festival, the Winter Feast & numerous rallies for the Bob Brown Foundation.

Jude Reid

Jude Reid is a maori woman from the Tainui tribe, Aoteaora (NZ).  She has been living in Australia for thirty years. Jude has been working and singing with the Tasmanian Aboriginal community for many years and is a well loved mentor and friend.

Jude is a prolific songwriter whose style is best described as rhythmic soul with Polynesian grooves and harmonies.  Her songs are uplifting and often tell the story of the struggle and resilience of Aboriginal people and Indigenous culture,  always with a message of positivity and self determination. She is a brilliant singer, song writer and an amazing inspiring story teller with a glowing stage presence.

Jodi Haines

Jodi Haines has been performing for over twenty years both locally, national and internationally.  Jodi is an Aboriginal singer songwriter, born and raised in Hobart as a valued member of the Tasmanian Aboriginal community.  Her father’s country is from the gomeroi nation (Gamilaroy), north west NSW from the community of Toomelah where she keeps her connections strong. It is these song lines that Jodi has followed all her life that provide inspiration for her original music that tells stories of social justice, land rights, identity, the environment, connection to country, love and peace, family and more. Jodi is a versatile performer and self taught multi-instrumentalist.  She has performed and excelled in a variety of mediums at music festivals, theatre performances, community events and campaigns, national conferences, award ceremonies, family ceremonies and cultural events. She is a reliable professional performer, always excelling beyond the expected.