This event was featured in our 2018 program.

Drinking Water

Tasdance - Sete Tele & Lisa Hirmer


Drinking Water invites households to create water, harvest and share their water ‘produce’ with the community. The artists will work with community members to chart the flow of water from each household through to a gathering at Tasdance for the final transformation of the harvested water before dancing the water to the fountain at Prince's Square.

Calling all Launcestonians, friends & families of Junction Arts Festival, Tasdance, and arts crews.

 The Drinking Water team of Sete Tele & Lisa Hirmer, are keen to enlist the services of local households interested in participating in an experimental performance art work. (Don’t worry it’s not as scary as it sounds!)

 Drinking Water in brief is participatory installation dance performance work that encourages all communities to develop and to transition to new ways of sharing water.

 Each household will be tasked with gathering or ‘harvesting’ water on/ in their respective homes.  The artists Sete and Lisa will personally visit each household in the lead up to Junction Festival to devise a water gathering process appropriate to each home, with local and environmental conditions taken into account.  You will be asked to chart the ‘harvesting’ of your water over a few weeks and then bring your water to Tasdance on Sunday September 9th to celebrate and taste the water that everyone has collected.  Then we will ‘dance’ the water to Prince’s Square to join the Acoustic Picnic where the water will be transferred into the Fountain.

To register your interest email Tasdance at [email protected]

 The artists acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts