This event was featured in our 2016 program.


Join Junction this year in a series of engaging workshops!

Join Musical Mall Clock artist Julia Drouhin in, Doctor Radio: Do it Yourself Agoradio Transmission.
Build a Miniature FM transmitter with a soldering iron and a bit of patience. It will transmit live music and speech up to 15/20 meters indoors with a small microphone.

And the Australian Cultural Fund's workshop Creative Fundraising: How to fund your art.
No matter how you want to raise funds, what artform you’re practicing, how big or small your target, or your level of fundraising experience, ACF has you covered.

Brienna Macnish & Collaborators and Palliative Care Tasmania invite you to join the discussion at Let's Talk About Death: a workshop about end of life planning. People of all ages are welcome.

Just announced -

Everyday Choreography Workshop with Matt Day

Image above from Musical Mall Clock workshop, Trevallyn Primary School, 2016