This event was featured in our 2016 program.

Everyday Choreography Workshop with Matt Day

Junction Presents

Junction Arts Festival presents:

Everyday Choreography: Walk Run Sit Stand with Matt Day

Melbourne based choreographer Matt Day will lead a FREE public workshop at the Stompin Studio that will investigate his pedestrian style of movement and choreography.

"We will split into two groups and begin with a simple exercise. It goes like this: Imagine there is a grid in the space, on this grid you can walk, run sit or stand. These are the options, it's very simple. Half the group will act out the exercise and the other half will observe. We will discover together that this very simple exercise in fact proposes some very complex and exciting choreographic patterns and concepts. We will talk about these things together. We will then switch rolls and repeat the exercise again in order to discuss our observations and actions. This foundation will provide the basis for an ongoing and experimental workshop into pedestrian movement and everyday choreography using a call and response, action and observation structure to generate information and learning."- Matt Day

Matt Day will perform his work Thousands as part of Junction Arts Festival in Launceston. He is performing on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th September at 7pm at St John's Anglican Church.