This event was featured in our 2016 program.

Can You See What We See?

Renae Shadler & Collaborators

Commissioned and Presented by Junction

Can You See What We See? is an interdisciplinary walking tour inviting you to see Launceston from a traveller’s perspective. During the tour you will experience audio works, video installations and participatory activities that encourage you to experience Launceston through fresh eyes. Can You See What We See? makes the familiar unfamiliar by investigating our relationship to place, time and those around us through the context of travel. Inspired by Alain de Botton’s The Art of Travel this experience will encourage you to walk slower, think deeper and engage in your environment in ways you never expected. Can You See What We See? will bring Renae Shadler and Collaborators together with local artists to create this one-of-a-kind experience.