This event was featured in our 2015 program.

The Tweed Run

Produced by Junction Arts Festival

Inspired by the now famous Tweed Runs the world over from London to New York and Toronto, The Tweed Run is a bicycle ride with a bit of dapper style.

We embark on a genteel group ride through the streets of Launceston in our well-pressed best, and cycle through our historic city centre and around our iconic landmarks.

Everyone is invited to don their best moustaches, and tweed woolens of yesteryear with flat caps, tailored suits, waistcoats, monocles, patent leather and suspenders for an impeccably stylish gathering of the finest sorts.

All ages. Tricycles welcome.
Helmets mandatory.

Continue the celebrations at The Junc Room for Junction’s 5th Birthday Party.

Watch the video of the 2015 Junction Arts Festival Tweed Run to experience the need for tweed. Video courtesy of the City of Launceston.