This event was featured in our 2015 program.

The Stance - Creative Development

Liesel Zink Brisbane

The Stance explores the history of protest in Tasmania and shares the perspectives of those who have taken a stand for what they believe in.

Interested in the choreography of protest and collective action, by observing crowd movement, behaviour, gesture and form/formation, choreographer Liesel Zink, will work with Brisbane-based sound artist Mike Willmett, Tasmania’s Mature Artist Dance Ensemble (MADE), and locals to research and record Tasmania’s unique and active history of protest.

Their findings will inspire a series of short podcasts, and present the edited audio material as a preview for next year’s work at the Listening Party. A site-specific dance and sound work will be developed with MADE and presented in Launceston’s public spaces at Junction Arts Festival 2016.

Have you been involved in protests? Share your stories and perspectives with Liesel during the Interview Sessions, and be a part of creating a new site-specific performance about Launceston.