This event was featured in our 2015 program.


Abigail Conway with Melanie Wilson and George Tomlinson UK

Commissioned by Junction Arts Festival

RIDE (a motorcycle meditation) is a site-specific, one-on-one performance that takes place on the back of a motorcycle.

Created in collaboration with local motorcycle riders and enthusiasts, a rider takes an audience member on an individual journey out of Launceston and into the Tasmanian bush.

A soundtrack plays inside your motorcycle helmet that weaves snippets of audio together with sights and sounds from the landscape as you ride through it.

RIDE is a celebration of biker culture. It is a reflection on how we think and see things differently when travelling through landscape. It is about how we look forward and how we look back, and whom we choose to travel with along the way. RIDE is a meditation on freedom, searching, standing alone, and holding on to someone for dear life.

Visit RIDE HQ to trace the journeys and experiences of the riders, while standing on your own two feet.

Originally Conceived by Abigail Conway, developed in collaboration with Melanie Wilson and George Tomlinson.
Conceived and directed by Abigail Conway
Written by Abigail Conway & Melanie Wilson
Sound design: Melanie Wilson
Voiceover: Melanie Wilson
Set design: Abigail Conway & George Tomlinson
Producer: Laura McDermott