This event was featured in our 2015 program.

Junction 2015 Closing & 5th Birthday Party

Join us at our Closing Party and celebrate Junction Arts Festival’s 5th Birthday with Rock Paper Scissors, St Joe’s Big Band and cake!

St Joe’s Big Band

Australia's oldest band, St Joe’s Big Band has been a part of the Launceston community since 1845.

Originally starting as a brass band, they’re still kicking big band style.

Golden Paddle Social Club, Launceston

Rock Paper Scissors

‘You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.’

- Attributed to Plato

Bring your hands together for a white-knuckle ride into hand-to-hand combat: Rock Paper Scissors.

Get a piece of the fist pumping action in the Launceston International Rock Paper Scissors Championship.

Put your best hand forward and take home the ultimate prize in hand sports.

Rock on! Why wouldn’t you?

Rock Paper Scissors 2pm

St Joe’s Big Band 2:30pm

Birthday Cake! 3pm

St Joe’s Big Band 3:15pm

Shadow Photo Booth 2–4pm

Art’n’About 2–4pm