This event was featured in our 2015 program.

Art ‘n’ About

ARTSKOOL Launceston

Tasmania arts collaborative ARTSKOOL, consisting of Melanie Fidler and Paul Eggins have a knack for transforming vehicles into works of art.

ARTSKOOL aims to temporarily transform Launceston’s urban spaces, increase accessibility and offer a re-approach to traditional modes of viewing and experiencing artwork.

In their second of a three-year collaboration with Junction, ARKSOOL converts a van into Launceston’s first mobile art gallery.

Curated by ARTSKOOL, Art ‘n’ About features original works in a range of mediums by Tasmanian contemporary artists.

Art ‘n’ About brings a unique gallery experience to your doorstep. Keep your eyes peeled for this show on wheels.

Mobile Gallery and Paste Up Workshop

Point of View: A collection of artwork from cutting edge Tasmanian artists

Movement: A selection of works from current and graduate UTAS students

The Nature of Things: Works that respond to Tasmania’s natural environment

Stick It: Works created from paste-up workshops