This event was featured in our 2014 program.

The Junc Yard

Welcome to The Junc Yard, The Festival’s very own dedicated children and family zone.

At The Junc Yard, you and your family can take part in creating your own cabaret, story telling, and family focused performances and interactive arts activities. There are events, activities and performances for all ages and something that the whole family will enjoy.

Events throughout the day are geared toward young children and school visits, while evening events are targeted at families and youth.

DJ Grinning Cat

Catch Junction’s Resident Junc Yard DJ spinning toe-tapping child-friendly tunes over the weekend from 12pm-3pm.

Graffiti Project Installation

Throughout the Festival, check out the striking art created by Launceston street artist Ben Miller in collaboration with students from Queechy High School and Scotch Oakburn College and supported by Launceston City Council.

Children’s Book Exchange

During Junc Yard opening hours, bring along a book you’ve already read and enjoyed, and exchange it for someone else’s much loved story. Relax in The Junc Yard, discover new and exciting adventures and witness a new chapter in the life of your book.

Think Big Board Games

Think Big and join us for some super size board games where people are the pieces. Challenge your friends and join in games of epic proportion.