This event was featured in our 2014 program.

The Congregation and Liquor Box Band Stand

Dean Baldwin Canada

Dean’s practice can generally be described as productions of large immersive scenarios that recreate moments of leisure after a great deal of hard work has been completed. There are often snacks and many drinks involved, and visitors usually have a good time.

His performance installations transform spaces into quirky, kitsch, yet fully functional playful environments.

His DIY-style installations are constructed from building materials, knick-knacks, everyday household items, and most often and importantly food and drink. He sometimes includes canoes.

The Gospel Hall

Audiences are invited to join Dean in a celebration of fine drink, in his installation The Congregation at The Gospel Hall for the duration of the Festival.

The Junc Room

Dean’s second work, Liquor Box Band Stand, an installation using cardboard liquor and beer boxes create the feature backdrop to The Junc Room’s main music stage.