This event was featured in our 2014 program.

The Evolutionary StraitJacket = Climate Change Karaoke

Selena de Carvalho Hobart

The StraitJacket is a surreal fantasy environment with an array of extinct animal costumes. You’re invited to enter this microcosm, embody an animal and channel the disappearing wild, while belting out karaoke pop songs that are lyrically and surprisingly rich with tales of evolution.

A playful performance space that brings together a curious combination of science, history, pop and performance, where audiences can re-imagine how a future might look.

The term ‘evolutionary straitjacket’ refers to a life-form’s inability to adapt to changing environments, thus facing possible extinction.


Join us for a child-friendly mask-making workshop on endangered Australian birds within the StraitJacket environment on Saturday 13 September, 11am-1pm.