This event was featured in our 2013 program.

Watch Me Fall

Action Hero (Bristol, UK)

Watch Me Fall is for the daredevils. It questions our obsession with those who attempt the impossible, the futility of their attempts and their inevitable fall from grace. It is an intimate, yet epic, performance that explores the relationship between audience and event, the nature of risk and the complicity of the audience in increasingly violent and questionable acts in the name of entertainment.

If at any point you see me on fire, don’t try and help, just stand well back and wait for my own people to be there.” Action Hero.

Sit back and watch them fall - the degree of interaction is up to you, but fun is guaranteed in the Australian premiere of a thrilling, thought-provoking miniaturisation of macho American daredevilry. They go over in a barrel and hit the ramp at 144 km/h. They clear 10 double-decker buses and they are not stopping until every last son-of-a-bitch in the place is cheering them on.

‘Very smart, brash and brutally absurd’ The Guardian

Note: Due to venue licensing requirements this show is for 18+. Some swearing.


Inspired by Festival performances, join us on a VIP culinary adventure at some of Launceston’s finest restaurants. Enjoy a completely unique Festival experience starting with a prix fixe, followed by a personal VIP escort from the restaurant to your show destination, and see a world-class Festival performance from VIP seats. Want more? End your evening with a nightcap at The Junc Room.


Get Fresh and ready to ramp it up with the daredevils. Enjoy vegetarian dishes with an adventurous twist before heading off to Action Hero’s Watch Me Fall. Get ready. Prix fixe includes two-course meal with a choice of mains, and a meal-matched beverage.

Friday 6 September

Saturday 7 September

7pm Dinner at Fresh on Charles, 178 Charles St

8:30pm Guided walk to show venue, The Handle Bar

9pm Watch Me Fall by Action Hero

10pm Join the Festival at The Junc Room

TICKETS $60 (includes show ticket and prix fixe)


Image courtesy of Toby Farrow