This event was featured in our 2013 program.

One Day Twice

Mudlark theatre (Launceston) in Association/Commissioned by Junction Arts Festival

Defying impossibility and risking failure in exchange for the adrenalin-rush of breathtaking success, Mudlark Theatre tests the limits of creativity under an unbelievable deadline.

For One Day Twice, Mudlark Theatre presents four new and distinct performances over two unstoppable and break-neck 24-hour events at two very out-of-the-ordinary venues.

Mudlark challenges its artists to high-octane performances Junction-style: secret performance venues, unusual spaces, unorthodox stage design, electric performers, gob-smacked audiences, live music, and more. Playwrights write all night and hand over new scripts to the directors and actors who start rehearsal at 7am, and the production crew steps in mid-afternoon. The lights go up and the scripts go down when the audience arrives at 8pm.

“Outstanding performances, some funny, funny writing, a couple of outlandish ideas, clever direction… live theatre has a future…” Jonathan Pedler, on One Day 7.

Venues are revealed at the Public Launches and will be announced on Junction’s website, social media and at the Box Office for both performances.


Inspired by Festival performances, join us on a VIP culinary adventure at some of Launceston’s finest restaurants. Enjoy a completely unique Festival experience starting with a prix fixe, followed by a personal VIP escort from the restaurant to your show destination, and see a world-class Festival performance from VIP seats. Want more? End your evening with a nightcap at The Junc Room.


Enjoy vegetarian dishes with a secret twist, then head off to our secret venue to watch Launceston’s Mudlark Theatre’s One Day Twice, developed over a high-octane 24 hours and presented for the first time to Junction audiences.

Thursday 5 September

6pm Dinner at Fresh on Charles, 178 Charles St

7:40pm Guided walk to secret show venue, TBA

8pm One Day Twice by Mudlark Theatre

9pm Join the Festival at The Junc Room

TICKETS $60 (includes show ticket and prix fixe)