This event was featured in our 2013 program.

Dogs and Boats and Airplanes Children’s Choir

Bill Burns and Big Pond Small Fish (Toronto, Canada)

Enter the world of children’s thoughts. Laugh out loud to a funny, non-verbal, outstanding choral performance.

Dogs and Boats and Airplanes Children’s Choir is the World Premiere of a collaborative artwork performed by a children’s choir of 100 voices. This choir simulates non-verbal sounds of animals and the industrialised world, composed entirely of vocalisations of the sounds of dogs and boats and airplanes, playing with the traditional verbal narrative of a choral work, as well as 20th century sound art, and challenging what the subject of art can be, and what art can be.

This participatory project engages 100 local children, aged 8-12, in the creation of the story, or libretto, of the choral work. Another 50 children create the background art set: visual props, floats, dramatic set and lighting design presented on-stage and culminating in a live public performance entirely devised and created by them, in Launceston’s premier performing arts venue, The Princess Theatre.

The project gives artistic license to children, enabling them to translate their creativity in formal decisions that inform the final work.

Bill is in residence in Launceston for eight weeks working with 150 children from local area primary schools to devise and create the narrative and sounds. The Choir is made up of students from four Launceston area schools including Mowbray Heights Primary, Ravenswood Heights Primary, Scotch Oakburn College Junior School and St. Leonards Primary.

Bill Burns’ work about animals and civil society has been shown and published internationally for more than twenty years His work has been shown at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, UK and the Museum of Modern Art in New York, among others. He has published nine books including Dogs and Boats and Airplanes told in the form of Ivan the Terrible.

A dog walks along the beach, goes for a swim, comes out of the water, shakes, drinks some milk. A barge passes. Later a group of dogs comes along yelping and howling. Finally an F18 flies over”. Now Magazine, Toronto

Notes: not suitable for under 5.

Krys Verrall is Associate Producer. Amanda Hodder is Choral Director.


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Join Pierre’s for a refined French prix fixe before walking to Launceston’s finest performance venue, The Princess Theatre, to attend the Festival’s largest and loudest performance with 150 local children singing the sounds of dogs and boats and airplanes at this world premiere performance.

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Friday 6 September

5:30pm, prompt Dinner at Pierre’s Brasserie, 88 George St

6:40pm Guided walk to show venue, The Princess Theatre

7pm Dogs and Boats and Airplanes Children’s Choir by Bill Burns and Big Pond Small Fish

8pm Join the Festival at The Junc Room

TICKETS $70 (includes show ticket and prix fixe)