This event was featured in our 2013 program.


The Cold Volcanoes (Launceston)

In 1961, an accident during secret state government testing released some dangerous poems into the Launceston community. These poems have never been found though many have tried valiantly, often in very dangerous circumstances. Many rumours have abounded as to where they might be hiding and now, in 2013, The Cold Volcanoes believe they may be on the cusp of solving this decades-old dilemma.

CrazySpokenWeird is an experience of poetry on the move. Follow a local coalition of three wordsmiths and musicians, otherwise known as The Cold Volcanoes, as they word their way through the nooks and crannies of the city, putting poetry performance on site, and within sight. Expect projections of voice and imagery from unexpected alcoves, bridges and fittings.

Meet and mingle at the post boxes on the Brisbane Street Avenue. Pedestrian friendly. Wheel-friendly and stroller friendly. Frequent pauses. All ages.

Image courtesy of Bruce Moyle