This event was featured in our 2013 program.

A Western

Action Hero (Bristol, UK)

Together with their audience, in their Australian premiere, Action Hero reclaims the chaotic half-arsed Western as our own and celebrates the failure of generic heroes, cheap whores and the all-American idol. The Hero walks into the bar and everyone stops talking. The whore begs to be loved. The Hero dies a long and drawn-out death.

Action Hero is looking for an audience to make A Western together. Come and be part of a performance FOR a bar where Action Hero will locate the valley, the saloon and the empty street within the space. Join them and cheat at cards, beg the Hero to love you, and shoot them down. There is ketchup blood. They wear cowboy hats.

“Action Hero’s A Western infamously shot down all those Hollywood myths of the Wild West in cold blood and lots of tomato ketchup. […] see why this maverick company, with its engaging DIY aesthetic, is attracting so much attention. Watch Me Fall is about an obsession to go higher, faster and live more dangerously.” The Guardian

Note: Due to venue licensing requirements this show is for 18+.


Inspired by Festival performances, join us on a VIP culinary adventure at some of Launceston’s finest restaurants. Enjoy a completely unique Festival experience starting with a prix fixe, followed by a personal VIP escort from the restaurant to your show destination, and see a world-class Festival performance from VIP seats. Want more? End your evening with a nightcap at The Junc Room.


Want to explore your inner cowboy? Black Cow Bistro and Junction Arts Festival have joined forces to offer A WESTERN evening of steak, whisky (or wine or beer) and a real gun slinging production. Start your night with a meal at the Black Cow homestead before being rounded up to head off to the site of a real shoot ‘em up show at Lloyd’s Hotel.

*No Stetson no Service

*Check your guns at the door

Wednesday 4 September

Thursday 5 September

SOLD OUT for 7pm. You can still book for 7.30pm with time to go to the show (limited spaces, BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment), prompt Dinner at Black Cow Bistro, 70 George Street

8:30pm Guided walk to show venue, Lloyds Hotel

9pm A Western by Action Hero

10pm Join the Festival at The Junc Room

TICKETS $75 (includes show ticket and prix fixe)


Image courtesy of James Stenhouse