This event was featured in our 2012 program.

Niecy Brown and Tara Ulbrich: The Torment of Sisyphus

Niecy Brown, Tara Ulbrich and 350 Meander Valley Knitters (Deloraine)

​The 1km Scarf Roll is just that, a one kilometre long wool scarf, sheered, spun, dyed and knitted by 250 Meander Valley community members and rolled into a giant knitted ball of yarn.

Presented on a plinth on a tiny hill in Civic Square, its wooly mass reminiscent of the large stone that tormented the Greek mythological figure of Sisyphus, whose eternal task was to roll it up a hill only for it to rolldown again. Like Sisyphus, this scarf will never be finished, as knitters across the Meander Valley click their needles deep into the winter nights steadily adding metre upon metre to the ball.

About the artist

Originally presented as A Bridge Scarf, made of many knitted colour panel and draped across a bridge directed by local artist Niecy Brown in collaboration with textile artist Tara Ulbrich and 250 knitters as part of the 2011 Tasmanian Craft Fair. The small Tasmanian community of Deloraine collaborated to support the project using fleece from local alpacas and sheep, with community members dying the fibres and spinners spinning the wool. Locals knitted while waiting in doctor’s offices around Meander Valley, from hospital beds to artist studios and cafes around town to collectively knit the long scarf.