This event was featured in our 2012 program.

The Tasmanian Leather Orchestra

​Imagine an orchestra made of Greenwood leather instruments: strings, winds and percussion. An ensemble with a colour range as wide as a symphony orchestra, the Tasmanian Leather Orchestra is a rich and resonant realisation of Garry Greenwood’s master vision.

Returning after their sold out premiere concert at the first Junction Arts Festival in 2010, the Tasmanian Leather Orchestra are back for a unique appearance in The Junc Room.

This is a community ensemble like no other. They have gathered local classical, jazz and folk musicians to play one-of-a-kind instruments by master sculptor, Garry Greenwood. His designs have conceptual roots in traditional instruments, but were taken far beyond through his unfettered imagination and superb craftsmanship. Over 30 instruments will be played, drawn from private players’ collections and the Queen Victoria Museum’s unique public collection, including the exquisite Tasmanian Mountain Harp and charming ocarina-like Pocopods.

The performance will feature original small ensemble compositions that features each instrument group, the music of The Chordwainers, and Karlin Greenstreet Love’s work for full leather orchestra, ‘Heterophony 2’.

For instrument makers, new music lovers and anyone looking for a completely fresh and extraordinary acoustic musical experience, come and see the Tasmanian Leather Orchestra!

*Garry Greenwood (1943-2005)

was a talented and prolific Tasmanian artist whose unique leather sculptures

are found in public museums, art galleries and private collections worldwide.

His interest in music led to him to explore sculptural forms of instruments

through his work which led to the

creation of playable leather sculptures and visions of a leather

orchestra. Greenwood’s unfettered

imagination and superb craftsmanship took the designs far beyond their

conceptual roots in traditional instruments.