This event was featured in our 2012 program.

Coney: The Loveliness Principle

Coney (London, UK)

The Loveliness Principle is a challenge for you to discover, a hunt for something precious and remarkable, a search for signs that will lead you into an adventure that might possibly change the way you see the world.

The rumours going around that it operates as a playful secret agency led by something or someone called Rabbit are just that: rumours. There are certainly no agents here in Launceston.

The first challenge is to find the entrance. You could try calling (03) 9010 6201 or look for Rabbit’s posters in shop windows. Enjoy some tea and cakes, or attend a lecture… you never know where it might lead.

The Loveliness Principle is by Coney, originally represented by Rhiannon Armstrong, Rachael A Smith and TassosStevens. It was originally delivered in a co-production between Coney and BAC (Battersea Arts Centre, UK). It is now being remade in places and at events all over the world.

About the artist

Coney is a network with a headquarters in London, UK. They make adventures and responsive play with impact for people wherever they are that always follow a set of guiding principles: loveliness, adventure and curiosity.

Coney mixes live and digital art forms to create immersive stories and play for diverse audiences. These can happen anywhere at any time: in buildings or out in the world. The experience starts when you first hear about it and only ends when you stop thinking and talking about it.

Coney’s work is light, playful and responsive to the actions of its audience, offering them the opportunity to co-author their experience.