This event was featured in our 2012 program.

The Bombay Royale

The Bombay Royal (Melbourne)

​The magic and mayhem of vintage Bollywood collides in spectacular fashion with a dizzying blend of Tarantino-esque surf, wild disco, flamboyant theatrics, swirls of kaleidoscopic colour, outrageous costumes and utterly irresistible dance moves that sweep entire crowds off their feet. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when The Bombay Royale- one of the most utterly unique bands to emerge from the cultural melting pot of the Melbourne music community- hits the stage.

Originally conceived as a vehicle to bring the marvellous but hitherto obscure songs from Bollywood’s golden era of the 1960s and ’70s to a new audience of Melbourne club-goers and festival punters, The Bombay Royale morphed into something new when the band members started writing original music – inspired by the spirit of old Bollywood and classical Indian traditions, but creating something entirely fresh.

Theirs is a rare new sound that instantly bewitches your senses, a music that does not yet have a genre or a precedent. Exotic, teasing, cinematic and utterly exhilarating, The Bombay Royale’s madcap mash-up of intoxicating rhythms, seductive lyrics (in Hindi, Bengali and English) and fantastic- bordering on surreal live performances are always a wonder to behold.