This event was featured in our 2012 program.

Tasdance: Somewhere Else

Tasdance (Launceston)

Somewhere Else explores observation, installation and display through the mode of dance. Utilising a gallery as the performance space, the piece is a creative and physical response to art, audience and architecture. The performers invite the audience on a journey to explore a site that they playfully share through shifting perspectives. The piece is created for Tasdance by young dancer and choreographer Marnie Palomares and will be performed at three gallery spaces around Tasmania- QVMAG in Launceston, CAST in Hobart and Burnie Art Gallery.

About the Artist

Tasdance is Tasmania’s professional dance company and is based in Launceston. Established in 1981, the company has grown from being Australia’s first dance-in-education company into an award winning, dynamic Australian dance company that presents diverse and exciting artistic programs that develop audiences and creators. Tasdance has conducted extensive national and international tours and has worked with many distinguished Australian choreographers including Nanette Hassall and Paul Mercurio. Tasdance works to inspire young people in contemporary dance and uses innovative approaches to create a better understanding of the artform.

Marnie Palomares trained at The University of Western Sydney and since 2004 has worked with many distinguished companies including Sydney Theatre Compnay, Branch Nebula and Chunky Move. She has performed all over the world and has a number of choreographic credits including Chapter One for Pusle8 Dance Company (2008) and Physical Fracture for Sydney Festival First Night (2009).

Somewhere Else dancers are Sarah Fiddaman, Joel Fenton, Brianna Kell, Jenni Large, Bernadette Lewis and Tim Walsh with trainee Tina Venditto