This event was featured in our 2012 program.

Red Brigade vs. Blue Brigade

Red Brigade (Melbourne)

​Did you know that Launceston is home to Australia’s oldest brass band? And that the brass band community in Launceston is thriving? Well, Red Brigade vs. Blue Brigade brings the electrifying all women’s brass band Red Brigade to Launceston to galvanise the local brass community into a series of pitched music battles on the streets of Launceston. Brass band duels will pop up all over town, especially when you least expect it at locations including Civic Square, Kings Meadows Shopping Centre, Brisbane Street Mall, City Park, Inveresk and in one of the city’s multi-story car parks. Some will take place in the evenings, some will take place during the day. One thing is for certain, the streets of Launceston will be filled with the sounds of brass band classics and your role as spectator is integral, as you will decide who is the brass band champion.

About the artist

The Red Brigade is Australia’s very first Girl Brigade, a women’s movement about discovering the power of self expression through marching and music espousing the motto: “Take your passion and make it happen”. The 10-piece brass band gives new meaning to the phrase “dancing your heart out” and the group finds true enrichment in life through losing all sense of self-control or reverence. They are entertaining and hilarious, sweet and sexy.