This event was featured in our 2012 program.

Red Brigade

Red Brigade (Melbourne)

“The dynamic and cheeky ladies in red (…), the evening, and, with their comedic musical tales of frivolous fun and sexuality, loosened up a sleepy-eyed Thursday night crowd. The flawless Red Brigade filled the stage with lady delight, setting the scene for a comedic and entertaining battle of the horns.”

Shelly Blake, artsHub

Girl Brigading has erupted in Melbourne with an irrepressible momentum: more and more young women are breaking free from the shackles of creative confinement to discover the power of self expression through marching and music.

The Red Brigade is Australia’s VERY FIRST Girl Brigade, espousing the motto of the movement that is sweeping the world: “Take your passion and make it happen!”

You’d be wrong to confuse Girl Brigading with “The Girls’ Brigade”, cos these gals have danced into the danger-zone; finding true enrichment in life through losing all sense of self-control or reverence. If they look hot in action, they still might help your nanna cross the street.​