This event was featured in our 2012 program.

Porcelain Punch Traveling Medicine Show

Porcelain Punch (Melbourne)

Porcelain Punch Travelling Medicine Show draws influence from the infamous ‘Medicine Shows’ that once travelled the countryside offering programs of comedy, music, circus and other novelties along with complex displays and a ‘hard sell’ of assorted tonics, salves, elixirs and the ever unattainable ‘miracle cure’.

Porcelain Punch Traveling Medicine Show has finally crossed the water after sell-out shows in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide so rejoice as you partake in the phenomenon of Porcelain Punch Miracle Cure, the extraordinary elixir of immortality- Curer of incurable conditions, bestower of beauty and extender of the under endowed. Experience Amazing Acts, Fantastic Feats, Exquisite Oddities and Old Fashioned Integrity. Guaranteed or your money back!

About the Artist

The Porcelain Punch Company was conceived in an open warehouse space in the industrial area of Brunswick East during the creation of the companies first show the ‘Porcelain Punch Travelling Medicine Show’. Drawing inspiration from an old fashioned caravan, antique bottles and suitcases, red velvet curtains, and the strength and versatility of performers- a hybrid vaudevillian cabaret took to its feet. After the success of this first production new and exciting projects are now in planning.