This event was featured in our 2012 program.

one step at a time like this: En Route

one step at a time like this (Melbourne)

It’s like seeing the city for the very first time. It’s like being awake to your thoughts, your feelings, your senses and sharing them with the city. You are a part of it, and it becomes part of you. En Route is a pedestrian-based live art experience on the streets of Launceston where participants are invited to become a traveller and explore Launceston in new ways where the private and the public, imagination and concrete intersect and overlap.

With directions and instructions made up of snatches of narrative, musings, sound, song, dialogue and philosophy using audio, mobile phone communication, urban streetscapes, walking, passers-by and cafes, En Route invites participants on a journey, inward and outward, through the thoroughfares and back-alleys of both the city and their own hearts, minds and perceptions.

About the artist

one step at a time like this is a group of Melbourne artists that create works with an emphasis on the inter-relations between the artwork, the ‘being-present’ of the audience, and the specifics of site and space. Works are generated from a collaborative investigation.

The work of one step at a time like this is informed, above all, by an emphasis on relationships - between people, space and the works themselves. The connective and often-intimate nature of the work reflects the company’s interest in engaging audience members in the activity, and by extension the creation, of a work of meaning. The hope is to create invitations and pathways toward a more rich and personalised experience of live theatre and lived relations.