This event was featured in our 2012 program.

Team Textiles: Masked Family Portraits

Team Textiles (Launceston)

Make a face.

Make a family.

Make a moment… in our photo booth.

You are invited to join a ferocious session of wild mask making; the wilder the better. With your face transformed and your new identity assumed, enter the photo booth where you will be styled and posed to emulate the quintessentially formal ‘Family Portrait’; the more formal the better. The photos will be available for you to download and keep as your very own JAF12 memento. And on the final day of the Festival, you and your fabulous face creation will be invited to a ‘Masked Family Reunion’.

With Team Textiles you can choose your family. Come along and make up your own family with groups, couples, lone festival goers and actual families. Please note children will be permitted to take part only if accompanied by an adult.

About the Artist

Team Textiles are Mae Finlayson, Abigayle Tett and Ashley Bird. A visual art collective based in Launceston, Tasmania; they facilitate collaborative workshops and interactive art projects.