This event was featured in our 2012 program.

Masako Morita: Mako’s Sketch Journal and Daily Junc-Zine

Mako / Masako Morita (Launceston/Toyohashi, Japan)

See the wonderful Mako all over this year’s Festival, art materials in hand, as she documents the whole thing in real time using her sketchbook, pens and watercolours.

Follow Mako’s Festival documentation and sketches in her visual blog on the Junction Arts Festival website. Mako has also documented the ‘behind-the-scenes’ processes of the Festival including staff meetings, preparation for exhibitions, theatre bump-ins, midnight installations, and more.

Find Mako around Launceston and get one of her limited edition Daily Junc-Zine mini magazines that will be distributed to lucky festivalgoers each day of the Festival. You might even appear in one of her sketches! Mako produces a series of beautiful painted sketches that capture the art works, the artists and performers and the audiences that make up Junction Arts Festival 2012.