This event was featured in our 2012 program.

Made For Chickens By Robots

Made For Chickens By Robots (Melbourne)

​Ragtime was a music popularised some 200 years ago in the red-light districts of the americas, characterised by it’s syncopated and broken rhythm, perverted lyrical content and savage instrument bending. Now it has reached the future unnoticed for your earhole digestion with the aid of one one-man-band.

With modern sounds of electrified and science fiction technologies and refried by one of the most bizarre one man bands travelling the earth today, ragtime music is now part of the future. Made For Chickens By Robots hollers incomprehensible things through a chinese loudhailer, plunks fast and demented rags on a cheap guitar, kicks a suitcase and controls a slew of farmyard sounds, sci-fi sonic frequencies and also manipulates his own lighting equipment and fireworks all from one old wooden chair. He has toured the world a few times, released 13 records, played in brothels, on trucks, boats, and beaches, in churches, graveyards and in cornfields.