This event was featured in our 2012 program.

Stuart Muir Wilson: Guerrilla Gardening

Stuart Muir Wilson (Launceston)

In contrast to the stark winter landscape, Guerrilla Gardening creates a world of decorative greenery and edible vegetable gardens that spring up in various locations transforming Launceston’s CBD. By reframing public space, these temporary gardens playfully colonise and take over urban space, car parks, bars, and sidewalks offering surprising and delightful alternatives to our existing concrete environment.

Guerrilla Gardening invites audiences to re-think how we can use public urban space, develops a positive design approach to the CBD that furthers an awareness of the possibilities of community gardens, health and wellbeing, and an ecologically diverse Launceston, and incites action.

About the artist

Stuart has worked in the Amazon rainforest on ecosystem rehabilitation projects with indigenous communities and continued to work on permaculture urban interventions and consultation work throughout Mexico in 2010. Stuart is enrolled at UTAS in the Masters in Architecture program, studying how permaculture can create productive urban landscapes while complementing architectural and planning outcomes. Recently, Stuart established the Inveresk community gardens with a group of friends with the aim of providing free food for the staff, students and general public.