This event was featured in our 2012 program.

Karlin Love and Gillian Marsden: Bach Suite No 1. for cellists and the rest of us

Karlin Love and Gillian Marsden

​Bach Cello Suite No 1. is under interrogation. Is it really just for Cello? Following on from the success of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto Relay at last year’s Junction Arts Festival Bach is being taken on this year. Two teams of players will go head to head- the cellist, who the piece was created for and player of a vast assortment of other instruments- playing The Suite and alternating throughout. This performance will be a unique instrumental experience not to be missed.

About the artist

Karlin Love doesn’t play cello. But she doesn’t need to because she plays clarinet, saxophone, guitar, slide whistle, and leather horns. Karlin has been instigating dubious, outlandish and sublime musical events for a couple of decades and still has many untried ideas awaiting. She also teaches, studies and writes music. Gillian Marsden does play the cello. She has done so since she found one in the back corner of the music storeroom of Queechy High School. She was thirteen years old. It’s hardcase was so big that her father had to carry it for her. Eventually though, the cello took to carrying Gillian and it has taken her to many strange and beautiful destinations.